Scottish Privacy Forum


The Scottish Privacy Forum (SPF) is a group of independent senior academics, practitioners and policy-makers who meet periodically to share knowledge about the development of public policy and service delivery and their impact on privacy. The SPF was initiated and is supported by the UK Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) and considers issues relating to data protection, Freedom of Information, identity management, information sharing and surveillance. It provides a ‘neutral’ meeting place for the exploration of privacy issues and facilitates networking and the exchange of knowledge across service areas and between academia and practice.

The SPF is hosted by CRISP and administered by the University of Stirling. It has approximately 40 members and typically meets twice a year. Members come from a variety of backgrounds, including central government, local authorities, the NHS, academia and private practice.

If you would like further information about the Scottish Privacy Forum, please contact Professor William Webster at CRISP Stirling (


Recent Scottish Privacy Forum Meetings


Artificial Intelligence: Regulation, Vulnerability and Empowerment, 1st August 2023

The ICO’s approach to AI regulation: protecting and empowering communities of unmet need. John Edwards, Information Commissioner

The Scottish Government Approach to Artificial Intelligence. Jeremy Darot, Scottish Government

Exploring Children’s Rights and Artificial Intelligence. Janis Wong, Alan Turing Institute

Technology in policing and the private use of public sector data: Recent independent reports in Scotland. Professor Angela Daly, University of Dundee

Update on the use of AI in Scottish Healthcare. Dr Elena Beratarbide, Scottish Government

Open discussion with ICO


Stakeholder Workshop: The Provision and Governance of Body-worn Video in Policing in Scotland, 30 March 2023

Insights from the evidence review of body-worn video in policing, Professor William Webster, Dr Diana Miranda and Mr Charles Leleux, University of Stirling

The future provision of body-worn video in Scottish policing, Chief Inspector Kenny McGeough, Police Scotland

Public engagement to enhance our evidence-led approach for introducing body-worn video in Scotland, Kevin Ditcham, Police Scotland

The employee monitoring implications of body-worn cameras, Professor Kirstie Ball, University of St Andrews

Developing victim sensitive body-worn camera policy, Dr Alana Saulnier, Queens University

Advocating for and overseeing the adoption of technology for a policing purpose, Scott Ross, Scottish Police Authority (SPA)

Data protection perspectives on body-worn video, Jenny Brotchie and Dominique Mitchell, Information Commissioners Office (ICO)


Personal Data and Political Campaiging, 13th January 2020

Political Leadership in the Digital Age. Mr Willie Rennie, MP. Leader of the Scottish Liberal Democrats

An Experimental Exploration of Network Dynamics on Social Media: Accounting for Who Spots Fake News and Who Shares It.  Dr Mark Shepherd and Dr Narisong Hu, Department of Politics, University of Strathclyde

Who Do They Think We Are? Using Rights to Understand how Parties Profile Voters. Matthew Rice, Open Rights Group

Data Protection and Political Campaigning. Jenny Brotchie, Senior Policy Advisor, Scottish ICO

Children's Privacy 8th December 2018

I Spy AI: Growing up in the age of surveillance. Dr Emmeline Taylor, City University

The Internet of Toys: Data and privacy. Professor Lydia Plowman and Dr Andrew Manches, University of Edinburgh

Children: Privacy, access to information and human rights - enabling a balanced approach? Carole Ewart, Campaign for the Freedom of Information Scotland

Scottish Citizens' Privacy- National Approaches to Information Governance and Security. Dr Elena Beratarbide, Digital Health and Care Scotland


GDPR Article 22 - The Right to Explanation 13th March 2018

The right to explanation in the GDPR and other fields of law. Professor Burkhard Schaefer, School of Law, University of Edinburgh. 

Questions about explanation: An analyst’s perspective. Kerr Donaldson, Senior Business Analyst ATOS. (Kerr was appearing in his personal capacity rather than as a representative of ATOS)

How might we explain automated decisions, and why? Dr Reuben Binns, University of Oxford, Department of Computer Science 


Body Worn Video Cameas and Public Services, 24th November 2015

Body Worn Cameras and Public Services: William Wester and Charles Leleux, CRISP University of Stirling

Regulating Body Worn Cameras: Tony Porter, Surveillace Camera Commissiner

Parking Enforcement and Body Worn Video: Donald Gibson, South Lanarkshire Council

The Investigatory Powers Bill 2015: Kirstie Ball, CRISP Open University


Smart Cities: Smart Privacy?, 8th December 2014

Scotland's 8th City - the Smart City: Smart Cities Efforts Across the Seven Cities: Lucille Brown, Scottish Cities Alliance

Delivering Privacy in a Smart City Environment: Lillian Edwards, University of Strathclyde

Regulatory Challenges and Opportunities of Smart Cities Conference, Glasgow 30/3/15-1/4/15: Lillian Edwards, University of Strathclyde

Smart Energy Infrastructure: Privacy and Security Considerations: Lachlan Urquhart, University of Nottingham

Data Vision and Strategic Action Plan: Jane Morgan, Deputy Director Digital Public Services, Scottish Government

Smart CCTV: William Webster, University of Stirling


Privacy Impact Assessment: Policy and Practice, 19th September 2012

The State of the Art in Privacy Impact Assessment, David Wright, Trilateral Research & Consulting LLP

Privacy Impact Assessment: Downstream from Policy, Kerr Donaldson, ATOS

The ICO Anonymisation Code of Practice, Maureen Falconer, Information Commissioner’s Office


Using Data Better: Data Matching and Privacy Issues, 17th January 2012

An Analytical Data Linkage Framework for Scotland, Sara Grainger, Scottish Government

Research on Census Alternatives, Ganka Mueller and Kirsty MacLachlan, National Records of Scotland

Information, Law and Society, Professor Hector MacQueen, Scottish Law Commission


Personal Information and Privacy, 22nd June 2011

Super-injunctions: North/South Divide? Dr Gillian Black, University of Edinburgh

Social Networking, Jason Wassell, Engaging Issues ltd.

The Right to be Forgotten, Professor Charles Raab, University of Edinburgh