Trustworthy AI in the Classroom: From Creativity to Responsibility

CRISP session at the Management and Organizational Behaviour Teaching Society, University of St Andrews
Tuesday, July 25, 2023 - 09:00

CRISP St Andrews member Dr Aisling Crean and colleague Dr Shiona Chillas will be holding an informal roundtable discussion on Trustworthy AI next week at the Management and Organizational Behaviour Teaching Society meeting. The session will take place on July 25th from 9-10am in Lecture Theatre 4 in the Gateway Building, University of St Andrews. The overall meeting will be held from July 23 - 26 in the same venue.

This discussion aims to explore what the trustworthy use of artificial intelligence (AI) in Education might look like. The session will focus on the impact of the latest iterations of generative AIs on good academic practice and academic integrity and engage in an activity to consider options to rethink the design and purpose of assessment. During the session, speakers will explore, and illustrate with examples, what it might be for teachers and learners to use AI in the classroom in creative, responsible, and trustworthy ways. And finally, the session considers the labour processes and practices of AI research companies like OpenAI and their effects not only on the labour processes and practices of universities, but also on the human resources such companies exploit as a source of menial labour to make their AI products run

Please click on the link above for the full programme.