The Digital Period Podcast: New Episode

Featuring CRISP alumnus Dr Anuj Puri

Following the CRISP panel at CPDP earlier this year, public philosopher Judith Zoë approached recent CRISP PhD graduate Anuj Puri to interview him for episode 4 of her podcast, The Digital Period.  The Podcast is a series of philosophical conversations with experts and individuals about period tracking apps. It is part of a broader public philosophy project with the same title.

In the podcast Anuj speaks about the concepts of autonomy and privacy as they apply to critical thinking about period apps.  Drawing on his doctoral and postdoctoral work, he explains how the protections offered by group privacy and mutual privacy are urgently needed in today’s digital world. His contribution starts 20 minutes into the Podcast.

Anuj is a postdoctoral researcher at the Tilburg Institute of Law and Technology in the Netherlands. He graduated with his PhD from The University of St Andrews in 2022.

You can listen to and enjoy the episode here!